Twist Lock Joiners

Twist Lock Joiner plates are used to connect our standard twist locks together allowing positive horizontal connecting to adjoining shipping containers.

These connection devices can be used in many static application including movie sets, shipping container housing, shipping container site sheds and shipping container site offices.

Second hand shipping containers are being used more and more by architects and designers as structural building elements instead of their traditional use of transporting cargo around the world, but the key to this use is the way they connect together. Shipping containers connect together using their corners, known as corner castings, these allow a structural connection from the container to other things including other containers.

The traditional method of connection is through the use of double ended twist locks vertically and bridge clamps horizontally. This method is ideal when used on a container ship but not when you are using containers to build housing. We have therefore developed a connection device specifically designed for the horizontal connection needs of shipping containers when used outside of the shipping industry. This connection device is a twist lock joiner plate.

These shipping container joiner plates connect double ended twist locks together instead of connecting directly to the shipping containers themselves so allowing them to fit neatly between the containers. This means horizontal structural connections can be achieved not only between two containers adjacent to one another but to containers at any angle.

Taking this further, it means more than two containers can be joined together in one connection, including internal four way connection points, this makes them completely unique and versatile.

This is the only device on the market that allows connecting shipping containers together in an internal four way connection, allowing for structural connections to be achieved when multi stacking containers.

Horizontal connection of shipping containers is essential in ensuring the stability of a structure manufactured by shipping containers, our twist lock joiner plates are perfect in achieving this requirement.

As our twist lock joiner plates fit neatly between the shipping containers it means, unlike when using bridge clamps, they are hidden so achieve a clean external surface suitable for architectural finishing.

We cover all states in Australia, having outlets in New South Wales (NSW), South Australia (SA) and Western Australia (WA). Our New South Wales (NSW) outlet services the needs of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Queensland (QLD), Victoria (VIC) and Tasmania (TAS) while our South Australian (SA) outlet services the needs of the Northern Territory (NT).

We pride ourselves on our quality and availability, being able to supply to all capital cities in Australia including Perth, Darwin, Hobart, Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney within 48 hours.

Download twist lock joiners 2 way drawing PDF

Download twist lock joiners 4 way drawing PDF

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